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Register Now!

**** Please read before registering as this will explain the process ****
During the registration process you will be guided to 3 to 4 different pages.
1. Formstack will open in a separate window.  
This form is to be completed at the beginning of the Season.  If you have completed one for this 
season the next session you 
Sign up using the following steps: 

3. Register for AAU and USA Diving using the links and information below.
AAU Registration
Registration for AAU is Required for ALL divers on our pool deck. 
This registration is once a year and goes from Aug to Aug. 
Please make sure the club code is entered
Click >> Register AAU <<< and enter the information below.
Select Added benefit: $16.00
Club Name: Alexandria Dive Club
Club Code:  WYA4F4
All divers above Lessons should be registered with USA Diving as well. 
Advanced, Pre Team, and JO divers. 
click >> << and enter the information below.
Advanced divers must register Athlete
Pre Team and JO must register Competitive Athlete
Club Name: Alexandria Dive Club
Coach: Tim Fisher
Association: Potomac Valley