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Welcome to Alexandria Dive Club!

Alexandria Dive Club formed in 2008 and has grown to be one of the highest nationally ranked Junior Dive Programs east of Texas. 

Although highly competitive, we really excel at transforming novice divers into competitive divers. 

We are a year round competitive dive program with novice through masters instruction in a safe, positive and energitic learning environment.  

ADC is big enough to compete on a National level but small enough to know each and every diver enrolled.

Why ADC?

  • FUN - Truly an art to having a great time and getting better
  • Team atmosphere, All coaches coach everyone at all levels
  • Smaller time commitment with our 2 month sessions
  • Professional Coaching staff with a true passion for the sport
  • Focus on solid fundamentals and proper execution of skill progressions
  • Sportsmanship, Winning Attitude, Goal Setting, and Mental Preparation

We use Belts - A spotting harness used for more complex dives. 

Belts over 3 meter to water

(The only 3m belts in Northern Virginia) 

Belts over 1 meter to water.

Belts over trampoline.

We also have Bubbles!!!!!

An indoor and outdoor dryland facility with Belts over trampoline.

So if you have a Summer, High School, or AAU diver that wants to take their diving to another level, ADC has a class for you.

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